I live in a small town at the tipity top of New York State called Potsdam. Daniel spent many years living at the opposite end of New York in a place called Brooklyn. Our performance at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music was my first time in that part of NYC and I was a little nervous about being too much of a small town girl. 

I enjoyed our walk around the area, and Daniel casually escorted me over to a marquee featuring our concert poster that I wasn't expecting. As a bonus, there was a woman standing on the street corner reading it very carefully. I immediately ran over and said hello (isn't that what everyone does?) and told her that that was me and Daniel on the sign. She was startled--yet delighted--to meet us and I promptly asked her to take our picture with Daniel's iphone. (DK later teased me that she could have run off with his phone. Gee. Never thought of that. #SmallTownGirl.)

An hour later we saw her again when we went out to dinner (this time it was our turn to be startled and delighted) and then yet again an hour later at our show--sitting in the front row!  Our new friend "Chris" --at that point I thought I should get her name-- gave me the feeling that I knew everyone in Brooklyn. It was just like my North Country--a cute little borough of 2 million.