TUNE- The Lovers' Waltz (Ungar)

Jay Ungar and Molly Mason were my early music mentors in the 80s. I not only loved listening to them play, but equally enjoyed the stories they shared about each tune they played.


16835871_1854174408203784_1165881495207916051_o (1).jpg

Here’s my quick story. A few years ago, my youngest son came home and told me his middle school orchestra was playing a fiddle tune called, “The Lovers’ Waltz.” He remembered that my teacher was Jay Ungar and told the kids at school… whom he suspected didn’t believe him. By wonderful serendipity, I told my son that I was slated to perform with Jay and Molly in the Roots Band at The Dance Flurry, Saratoga Springs, NY in just a few weeks. Needless to say, Syl was delighted (check out his big smile) to meet these wonderful folk celebrities and to have some “picture proof” to show the kids at school. #MiddleSchool #Booyah #MomDontUseHashtag

Fast forward a few years, deep into a North Country winter. My son and I were stuck home, yet again, for a snow/ice day. We decided to record Jay & Molly’s “The Lovers’ Waltz” and send the love out to the facebook community. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!! Video of LOVER’S WALTZ

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