WORKING IN HARMONY: Singer Sabina Petra

I am a violinist living in upstate New York. Really upstate. Almost Canada. And yet, through the wonders of modern technology, I was recently able to collaborate with NYC singer, Sabina Petra while I was housebound during an ice storm, 600+ miles away from the Big Apple.

Sabina and I met in the summer of 2015 when she was one of the New York professionals brought to my North Country region to join the cast of Into The Woods.  My son was part of the production and over several weeks, I got to know Sabina and her gorgeous voice.

As we strolled the Raquette River between rehearsals, I enjoyed questioning her about preparing for the complex role of  Sondheim's "Witch."  I admired the depth of emotion she offered to this character. We also talked about her native Netherlands and I appreciated her desire to live a meaningful life. She brought all of herself into her art and it showed. 

As a parting gift, I gave her The Waxwing, my CD featuring Irish fiddle tunes set in 50+ layers of string harmonies. She too, as it turns out, has an affinity for layered voices and her creative wheels began turning. 

She composed. She arranged. She recorded. 

We exchanged emails.  

I arranged. I recorded. I mixed.

And as the freezing rain prevented me from leaving my home for a few days, I had several virtual meetings with her in NYC and our collaboration made it to SoundCloud in a matter of days.   

As the lovely Sabina would say in her native Dutch,

"Veel liefs en luisterplezier!"

Much love and happy listening.

gretchen koehlerComment