ART BEGETS ART: The Ripple of Inspiration

 "In Flight"  by Ola Aldous (52" x 31")

"In Flight" by Ola Aldous (52" x 31")

Artist Ola Aldous delighted me when she told me that her latest work, "In Flight" was a creative response to my arrangement of The Monaghan Jig-The Seven Sisters which I recorded with pianist Daniel Kelly. The medley starts with a traditional jig named for a county in Ireland whose landscape is that of mountains, lochs, fields and forests. It is followed by a tune I composed for my friend Justin Randolph after we admired the hawks circling the thermals against the majestic backdrop of The Seven Sisters mountain range in Massachusetts. 

Ola said our medley of graceful motion spoke to her on many levels, but most especially with great comfort at the loss of her grandmother- a woman who was her guide to art, music and beauty.  I am changed every time I gaze at this gorgeous visualization of her emotion and am overjoyed at the ripple of inspiration that has been shared through our art. I am in love with this painting that hangs in my music room. Thank you, Ola.