VIDEO: Adventures in Split-Screen Editing

I am a harmony junkie and have an affinity for multi-layered strings. I recently edited some split-screen videos that highlight a couple of my arrangements.  The first video is an energetic setting of the popular Irish session tune, The Drunken Landlady, which features my sister and beloved musical partner, Rebecca. The second clip features my latest composition, Fox's Wedding, a slow tender reel with pizzicato accompaniment. 

Watching the videos with my students has been especially fulfilling. As their eyes darted around the screen, they were able to focus on each distinct harmony line--a new depth of experience for many of them. Interesting how eyes can guide ears. 

DRUNKEN LANDLADY is an arrangement that I was able to write 9 years ago when my two young children had a terrible case of strep throat. As a mom, large amounts of uninterrupted time rarely happen. So, when everyone was asleep with fever, I found my silver lining and began writing. True story. 

FOX'S WEDDING was written after the death of two cherished friends, one in his early thirties and the other in her early nineties. With this huge loss, my emotions felt like a "sun shower" with sun, rain, clouds and rainbows existing simultaneously. I wrote this tune to release myself (melody) from the rain (pizzicato) and all that I went through that summer (the harmonies).

Rather than the term “sun showers," some cultures make reference to the Fox King getting married, thus the title.