TAUNY: Heritage Award

I was presented with the Heritage Award tonight. Thank you so very much to TAUNY for this honor and recognition.  I was deeply moved by the words printed on the award (below) but actually squealed when I saw the surprise display of handmade chocolate fiddles made by local baker, Teresa Stone for the reception. A lovely evening of beautiful food, friends and music. I love what I do. Thank you TAUNY

THE EVERGREEN AWARD/HERITAGE AWARD was created to acknowledge and honor individuals for continuing interest in and generous support of traditional cultures, arts and artists of Northern New York. TAUNY’s Board of Directors is pleased to present the 2014 award to Gretchen Koehler for her unflagging commitment to traditional fiddle music. Gretchen’s excellence as both a performer and teacher inspires people of all ages to carry the region’s musical heritage forward to future generations. TAUNYs Board of Directors is honored to recognize Gretchen’s leadership.
— Traditional Arts in Upstate New York