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Best New Sounds.
— Thistle & Shamrock, NPR

Gretchen Koehler and Daniel Kelly set fiddle tunes ablaze with new groove. Their bold approach has caught the attention of the folk music establishment and they were featured on NPR's "The Thistle & Shamrock" showcasing the best new sounds. With their wide repertoire, Koehler & Kelly spark an innovative musical conversation while celebrating their deep respect for folk traditions. "Masterful,"-Fiddler Magazine.


Artwork/photo credit: Ola Aldous

Artwork/photo credit: Ola Aldous

An innovative combination. Kept our full house enraptured from first note to last.

On their debut album, The Waxwing (2015), they play a wide selection of reels, jigs, hornpipes and airs – some old, some original – that highlight not only Koehler’s powerful fiddling but her tremendous multi-string arrangements.

Gretchen Koehler is a vivacious fiddler with an atlas of musical styles at her fingertips. Her left hand boasts a fierce Irish brogue, her bow arm provides a distinct American Old Time drive while her feet hammer out accompaniment on the floorboards in typical Quebecois style. A early frontrunner in the American and Canadian contest circuit,  TIME Magazine labeled 10 year old Koehler “astonishingly good.” In 2012 she was inducted into the North American Fiddlers’ Hall of Fame (NY State rep.), and most recently Fiddler Magazine labeled her one of the futures of Celtic fiddle.  gretchenkoehlermusic.com 

Daniel Kelly is an award-winning pianist and composer who blends jazz, classical and folk music into a signature sound. He has been declared "powerfully moving" by Time Out New York, and has performed with jazz legends Michael Brecker and Joe Lovano, hip-hop star Lauryn Hill, and modern classical giants the Bang on a Can All-Stars. He has toured throughout Southeast Asia and India as a part of the Kennedy Center and US State department-sponsored Jazz Ambassador program. danielkellymusic.com


PROMO: Sixty seconds on stage with Koehler & Kelly at the Festival of the Arts, New Paltz, NY. 

Cheeky jig medley including session tune "I Buried my Wife and Danced on her Grave."

Excellent musical marriage.
A beautiful and diverse selection of tunes...in a unique and fascinating performance.
— Hill & Hollow Music, Saranac, NY

Fiery reel Johnny D's (L. Carroll) featuring Kelly's piano improvisation.

400+ contra dancers enjoy Koehler & Kelly at the renowned Dance Flurry. 

The beautiful Fox's Wedding (G. Koehler) & The Earl's Chair.

Koehler & Kelly deliver The Picture and The Thousand Words.
— Barb Heller, North Country Public Radio & FOLKALLEY.com


"A writer sets the scene and actors bring it to life on the stage. A novelist translates emotions into words on paper. A painter renders fleeting images in a permanent medium. A translator provides communication between strangers. Koehler & Kelly takes all of these skills, translating traditional music into every language simultaneously. Every lilt, accent, dialect, and punctuation mark is just right. Koehler’s originals deliver The Picture and The Thousand Words – all in her perfectly punctuated universal language.

What do you get when you cross a linguistics expert, an Irish prankster, Quebecois step-dancer, Scottish piper, and Appalachian moonshiner? Koehler’s fiddling."


Gretchen Koehler’s Bold Approach to Traditional Fiddling

Photo: Alicia Milano Bodmer

Photo: Alicia Milano Bodmer

"Gretchen Koehler is an elegant fiddler — her classical violin training shines through, yet her style is totally idiomatic. She performed in several distinct fiddling styles: New England, Old Time, Québec, Cape Breton, to name a few. Gretchen has found an improbable music partner in New York City-based jazz pianist Daniel Kelly. His accompaniments provide an unexpected sonic environment and nudge her outside the usual framework of traditional folk. A couple of times he launched into extended jazz improvisations. An excellent musical marriage, and a totally delightful concert! We would be remiss if we did not mention who stole the show a couple times.  Gretchen’s 13-year-old son Sylvain joined in with his own fiddle on “Devil’s Dream” and then jumped up altar-level for some spectacular step-dancing. Bravo!"                



"...Her latest CD, The Waxwing, is a collection of multi-fiddle (all played by Gretchen) arrangements mostly Irish jigs and reels. The overdubbed fiddles play a combination of straight harmony, new rhythmic grooves, harmonic embellishments, and long bow, aural "thickener." Daniel Kelly's piano is an integral part of the arrangements, adding new voicing and rhythmic underpinnings to standard fiddle accompaniment. Soaring over all is Koehler's great, driving fiddling. Check out this masterful presentation of modern rhythmic and harmonic approaches to supporting a fiddler who has a deep understanding of traditional Irish fiddle. It works well for both listening and dancing. Welcome to the future of Celtic Fiddle."



“I heard [The Waxwing] just as I arrived home from work today and was compelled to sit in my car in the garage until the last note was finished and they announced who the artist was. I was enthralled with the longing melody and beautiful arrangement.”

— NCPR LISTENER Maitland, Ontario, Canada

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... Gretchen's projects now typically involve a relatively recent collaborator, jazz pianist Daniel Kelly. Frequently, their sounds evade any previous established category. Their most recent joint venture might be Koehler’s most unique product ever, an album titled "The Waxwing" that blends concepts of Irish fiddle playing and American jazz. “The tradition is a living one," she says of their work. “The tradition is happening now.”